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The easiest way to figure out what I actually like, at least as far as what's posted on dA. Pixiv has cool stuff too.



Crystal Core Character Concept Collection
After noticing the unintentional alliteration in the previous titles, I decided to go all in on this one.

it may be a bit of a surprise compared to the last three pictures I posted, but while working on The Crystal Core, I did work on things other than crystals. In fact, I did some very early concepts for all the main characters, most of which I smooshed all together into this one big collage. Which, granted, is a cluttered mess, but this mess is the least bad way I could think of to present it all, because I couldn't see much or any of it being worth seeing on its own otherwise. As such, opting for quantity over quality was my solution. It's not perfect, but for those like myself who enjoy seeing the design process right down to the many tiny variations that get drawn on the way to a final design, and especially for those who say I should post more sketches instead of mostly just finished stuff, I have uploaded this ugly mess. Enjoy!

As for the actual content itself here, these are sketches of four characters. The floating heads are the main friendly NPC Alex, and his evil reverse-named twin Xela, the villain of the game. Aside from friendly blue and evil red/purple being a clue, the expressions also differentiate who's who. Also it's mostly Alex on the left and Xela toward the right. The drawings are almost exclusively heads because in-game, they were intended to appear as floating holographic heads, so I was just working on their heads and holographic appearance concepts to start with. Also, I want to note that the five red Xela heads in the middle-right weren't drawn by me, I just did the coloring and ideas for how to make his hologram look visually corrupted, in keeping with his being an evil glitchy AI.

Aside from Alex, I also did a little, very tentative work on the player characters, who are situated at the top-middle-ish area, clearly differentiated by looking much younger and having actual bodies. Whereas I worked on Alex and Xela for a while, another artist quickly took over player character work, so those are the only sketches I did of those two, who went on to a pretty different direction afterwards. But still, if you enjoy seeing the early designs that never were, there they are.

And with that, whether you enjoyed these sketches or now agree with my reluctance to share sketches more often, this submission has done its job.
Crystal Core Knowledge Crystal Color Concepts 2
If you're tired of seeing crystal concepts I did while working on The Crystal Core from Bitloft then you're in luck, because this is the last crystal-related image I have that's worth uploading, it's all character stuff from here. Though if you aren't looking at these as I post them, but instead going through my gallery from newer works to older works, then you're past characters and this will be the first Knowledge Crystal concept image you see. Which, as an aside, is a matter that leaves me perpetually unsure as to which order is best to post images with a preferred viewing order - the order that makes sense for those viewing them as they're uploaded, or the order that those wandering by later would most likely go by. Personally, it seems like I view far more images in the latter "reverse" fashion than in the order they were uploaded, but it still seems weird to post them that way so here we are. And once again I'm way off topic as usual.

Back on the matter of the image itself, these are the final round of Knowledge Crystal concepts I produced in my time working on The Crystal Core. Compared to previous concepts, this last round reflected a change in focus to the more familiar crystalline forms you see here, as opposed to the wackier earlier concepts. Still, these weren't necessarily supposed to read as real crystals, which meant that I could have fun with the colors and markings, which I very much did. In fact, I had progressively more fun with the colors as I went, as you can see from the progression from plain single colors at the top to more and more elaborate combinations and markings on the bottom. Was the top row too bland? The last row too weird? I don't know, this was one of my last submissions for the project. What I do know is that trying out a range of ideas is what the concept stage is for, so that's what I did.
Crystal Core Bismuth Knowledge Crystal Model Sheet
Earlier this year I did some freelance concept work for the upcoming educational game The Crystal Core from Bitloft

Although it wasn't ultimately finalized, the bismuth-inspired crystal concept from my first round of Knowledge Crystal concepts did initially go further. So far in fact, that I made this model sheet for it. Granted, this isn't the most exciting piece of concept art you'll ever see, but I figured I'd post it for the sake of those who are interested in what game design work actually consists of. Sometimes it's drawing totally new things, sometimes it's variations of an idea, and occasionally it's drawing the exact same thing again with slightly different proportions.
Crystal Core Knowledge Crystal Color Concepts 1
Earlier this year I did some freelance concept work for the upcoming educational game The Crystal Core which is currently in production at Bitloft

I covered a variety of subject matter in my time with them, and as you can see, these were concepts for crystals. More specifically, these are the earliest concepts for the Knowledge Crystals, the primary collectible in the game. At this stage, the idea was still pretty loosely defined, so I was throwing out a variety of crystalline forms, ranging from fairly standard shapes to begin with to wackier stuff toward the bottom. The only definitive requirement was that they be clearly visible in the game's various environments, so I made sure they all had bright shiny colors and high contrast that would be unlikely to blend into any potential backdrop. I don't yet know what the final Knowledge Crystal design ended up being, but since even my own work on additional Knowledge Crystal concepts went a different direction from here, it's safe to assume none of these designs were ultimately used.
...But enough talk, have at you!

After having been deathly quiet for the longest time, I've finally gotten caught up on matters here and am ready to bring this page back to life. Again. Of course, a lively presence here requires new submissions most of all, but a relatively fresh Journal entry really helps a page look active as well. And that requires writing one, which has proven surprisingly tricky. Not because I have nothing to say - lacking thoughts and opinions I'd love to shout at the world is not even remotely the case - but because I no longer feel sure what a dA Journal is really for. I used to more or less see them as an all-purpose blog attached to the gallery, and maybe that's what they truly are. But over time, possibly due to my own internet opinion blasting fatigue, I've felt more and more that if people are watching me for the art I (sporadically) post, a random Journal notice in their message center alerting them to a rant on video games or politics or the like is just an unwanted annoyance compared to the Nintendo fan art that the people clearly come to this page for. As such, though there are many times I've strongly considered posting a new Journal about whatever was grinding my gears at that particular moment, I've ultimately opted not to clog up the collective social media system with the billionth internet rant that, I assume, nobody needs or wants. Thus, my Journal submissions have become pretty sparse these days.

Still, if for no other reason than making it extra clear a page isn't dead, I'd say it's good to have a Journal on the front page that's less than a year old, so I had to write something. As those of you who bothered to read this can see, my brilliant solution was to write a Journal about why I haven't been writing Journals. Because obviously, if people don't even want Journals about other things, a Journal about Journals is absolutely the best way to solve the problem and not the worst choice possible. ME AM GOOD JOB SMART.


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